P02: Company


In groups of two, you will continue designing a company website. This portion of the project has you coding out the site and completing a fully functional responsive version of the site.

Any code that is not yours must be cited accordingly.


Before your lab time on Mar 1.


30% of your final grade.


There are a number of weeks in which to complete this project, so please make sure to read the instructions below carefully.

Starting Jan 25

A reminder that your company website must satisfy the following content requirements:

  1. As a group, choose one company to focus on. Going forward, you will be working with only one potential company idea.
  2. As a group consolidate your style guide into one document. This should include all the materials required of P01.
  3. As a group set up your dev environment and sync it through git. It should include your consolidated style guide in your files.
  4. As a group build out a sitemap illustrating all the pages you will be building, include layers illustrating:
:D (Exceeding expectations) :) (Meeting expectations) :| (Approaching expectations)
  • 1 conslidated style guide as a webpage, uploaded to your filespace.
  • Proof of synced git repository, with individual branches for your work.
  • 1 sitemap.
  • 1 conslidated style guide as a webpage.
  • Proof of synced git repository
  • 1 sitemap.
  • 1 conslidated style guide as a webpage.
  • 1 sitemap.

Starting Feb 1

  1. As a group, build out structures for each set of components you require. Remember to:
  2. Having built out your templates, put together all the pages of your website as a group. Focus on:
Due in your Feb 8 lab:
:D (Exceeding expectations) :) (Meeting expectations) :| (Approaching expectations)

1 complete set of website pages with some real content.

1 complete set of website pages with only placeholder content.

An incomplete set of website pages with little placeholder content.

Starting Feb 8

  1. As a group, collect or develop all necessary content for your website, and make sure to collect citations for anything that is not yours. This includes:
  2. As a group, integrate all your content into your site. Remember that we are only requiring that two products actually exist in your website, and all other listed products link to those two.
Due in your Feb 22 lab:
:D (Exceeding expectations) :) (Meeting expectations) :| (Approaching expectations)

1 complete set of mostly responsive website pages with all real content.

1 complete set of somewhat responsive website pages with some real content.

1 complete set of non-responsive website pages with little real content.

Starting Feb 22

  1. Test and debug your website. This should include testing it on:
  2. Update and publish your style guide along with your website. Make sure it includes the addition of any changes made to the original guide, as well as any layouts or structures created since the beginning of P02.

Final Delivery

Final deliverables are due to Canvas before your Mar 1 lab and make sure to double-check all your submitted files and URLs to ensure they can be opened. Delivered should be one URL for a fully completed website, which includes footer links to:

Grading Rubric

Your project will be graded on the following criteria, a more detailed rubric is available on the course pages.

  1. Process — Deliverables, weekly checks, quantity and quality of exploration (2pts)
  2. Code/Development — Code validity, code readability, cleanliness of folder structure (8pts)
  3. Design — Consistency, responsive design, interface and interaction elements (8pts)
  4. Content/UX — Information architecture, effective content, website accessibility and usability (8pts)