Course Schedule

Please note that this schedule may change, though any changes will be announced in lecture.

Date (Wk) Reading(s) In lecture In Lab Due
Sept 8 (Wk01)

"The Dao of Web Design" (Allsopp, 2000)

"Creating Style Guides" (Robertson, 2014)

The Interwebs Introduction to P01: Process
HTML Basics Exercise
Sept 15 (Wk02)

"Designing Systems" (Chpt 1) from Atomic Design (Frost, 2016)

Styling the Webs Critiques
CSS Basics Exercise
Sept 22 (Wk03)

"Atomic Design Methodology" (Chpt 2) from Atomic Design (Frost, 2016)

Like Building Blocks Critiques
Grids Exercise
Sept 29 (Wk04)

"Thinking in Versions" (Chpt 1) from Git for Humans (Demaree, 2016)

The Utility Belt Introduction to P02: Company
P02 Intro
Git Exercise
P01: Process
Oct 6 (Wk05)

"Responsible Design" (Chpt 1) from Responsible Responsive Design (Jehl, 2014)

Devices and their Fickle Owners Critiques
CSS Positioning Exercise
Oct 13 (Wk06)

'Considering Accessibility' and 'Disabilities and Impairments' (Chpt 1 & 2) from Accessibility for Everyone (Kalbag, 2017)

Usefulness Critiques
Accessibility Exercise
Oct 20 (Wk07)

'Getting Set Up' and 'Understanding Data Types' (Chpt 1 & 2) from JavaScript for Web Designers (Marquis, 2016)

The Content King Critiques
JavaScript Exercise
Oct 27 (Wk08)

Let's talk about design portfolios" (Fosco)

"The Worst Portfolio Ever" (Cornell)

Being the Unicorn Introduction to P03: Portfolio
P02 'Speed-dating'
P02: Company
Nov 3 (Wk09)

Pages 9-59 from SASS for Web Designers (Cederholm, 2013)

The Dark Side Critiques
Advancing JavaScript
Nov 10 (Wk10) No jQuery Here Critiques
Nov 17 (Wk11)

No readings

Turning it to 11 Critiques
Nov 24 (Wk12)

No readings

Debugging Day Critiques
Speed optimization exercise
Dec 1 (Wk13)

No readings

The Future Webs P03 'Speed-dating' P03: Portfolio