IAT-339: 04 Meet Your Toolkit

Meet Your Toolkit

Lecture outline

Covered this week:

A toy Batman utility belt.
Meet your toolkit

Dev Environment

Adding to the toolkit

File Structure

Keep things clear

Things to ensure:

Dev Environment

Adding to the toolkit

A screenshot of the webpage we will be aiming to replicate

Special Characters

Some characters that you might want to use (i.e. — & < >) are ones that we rely on in our code, or necessitate additional encoding when wanting to have them render on the page. As a result, we have to pay attention to 'HTML Entities'.

Dev Environment

Adding to the toolkit

Save for Web

Images should be sized and compressed appropriately for web distribution. Some suggested tools:

P02 Introduction

P02 continues from P01 and has you developing a fully responsive website for your company.

IAT-339 — P02: Company

P02 Expectations

Please note:

Thinking in Pieces

How we don't make 42502394 distinct elements

In the planning for P02 this week you will be generating sitemaps. This is your opportunity to plan out exactly how many different templates you will be requiring, and plan accordingly.

P02 Sitemaps

A sitemap illustrating the steps in the process of building a website including all the pages involved in the process

Working as a Team

The horror, the HORROR!

Come to an agreement on:

Dev Environment

Adding to the toolkit

Enter Git

Your friend in code tracking

* Andrew does some doodling here... *


Runaway! Runaway...

See you in ten minutes. If you haven't already:

  1. Sign-up for a GitHub account
  2. Install SmartGit (Mac/PC)


Commence the coding!

There are three items for this week for you to do. Please note the one that comes first...

  1. Setting up your dev environment
  2. Building out your sitemap
  3. Brand component coding

GitHub and Your Code

GitHub is a public, non-Canadian service. As a result, should you have any concerns regarding publishing your code on such a service, please let me know and I will set you up with an alternative, private, in-Canada service for your project's code.

This week's labs

The low-down

In two weeks

Devices and Their Fickle Owners


Things to note

Next reading

"Introduction / Responsible Design" from Responsible Responsive Design by Scott Jehl

Contacting Andrew