IAT-339: 10 The Coding Quiz

IAT-339: 10 The Coding Quiz — A slide deck

The Coding Quiz

Lecture outline

Covered this week:

  • The Coding Quiz
  • CSS Animation

Lecture slides will be made available on the day of the lecture.

Quiz Rules

  1. You will have only fifty minutes to complete the quiz. Keep an eye on the time due, as late submissions receive a zero.
  2. This quiz is closed book, meaning there is no use of external resources of any sort. No exceptions.
  3. Any talking, texting, messaging, paging, or secret-tiny bluetooth resulting in communications with friends or classmates will result in a grade of zero. No exceptions.
  4. Please answer any questions in full sentences.

Quiz time

You have 30 minutes.

Worth 7/10 marks, you will now have 30 minutes to propose approaches to replicating the given layout.

Present as clearly as possible all the different means through which you believe this layout could be replicated.

Coding Quiz

Part 2

You have 15 minutes.

Worth 3/10 marks, you will now have 15 minutes to annotate an approach. Indicate your proposed means of replicating the design.

Contacting Andrew

Your Lecturer

Reachable at:

  • Office hours — Mondays from 8:30-9:20am and Thursdays from 8:30-9:20am at the Surrey campus mezzanine.
  • ac.ufs@h_werdna